Update Graphics for Pull-Up Stands

A replacement banner for client

Replace graphic banner in a pull up stand: Existing Pull Up Hardware
Keeping Your Message Fresh and Saving Mone

Replace banner not the stand.  We replaced the banners in 3 different pull up displays for a client.   The banner stands were of better quality.  They were taller than standard and self standing without fold out legs.  2 were 96 inches tall and the second was 88 inches.  We orginally procured these stands for the client and have now replaced the graphic 3 or 4 times.  Each time saving the hardware cost.  Why replace perfectly good banners stands when replacing the banners is all that is needed.

We stocks 36 inch wide and 42 inch wide Polypropylene substrate for pull banner stands.  We are able to make pull up replacement banners in almost any height up to the width of the material we stock.  So the next time you need to update your graphics on your banner stand(s) replace the banners not the stand.  Contact us about creating replacement banners for your existing banner stands to keep your message fresh.


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