Self Service Printing, Copying and Scanning

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Self Service Copier / Printer

Self Service Copying Self Service Printing Scanning to USB Print from your Computer Print from your Phone / Tablet Print from your webmail  Internet Access

General Information

Our walk in self service printing, copying and scanning service is available for your use. We have a HP office quality page-wide 577 dw multi-function printer inkjet printer .

  • Copies in B&W or Color at 50 pages per minute
  • Prints in B&W or Color at 50 pages per minute
  • Scanner scans 2 sided in one pass.
  • You can print, copy or scan 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14 with the machine
  • The machine is accessible for printing by Free WiFi
    • App connection freely available
    • The printer is compatible with AppleOS, Microsoft Windows 10, and Android.
    • We will assist you making a connection to the printer.


Copies8.5 x 11
8.5 x14
Color $0.30/side$0.55/side
Self Service $0.30/scan$0.50/scan


Are originals either placed on the glass or run through the document feeder.

  • Pricing is for Standard White 20lb Bond
  • Colored Paper is available at additional cost
  • The printer prints 1 and 2 sides of the paper.
  • Thicker paper is available at additional cost
    • We stock heavier white papers in 24lb, 28lb and 32lb
    • We stock 5 basic pastel Colors, in 20lb and 24lb
    • We stock 5 basic Bright Colors in 24lb
    • We Stock 7 Colors of Light Weight Card Stock
  • You may bring your own paper, and if we approve, you may use it for the same cost as our 20lb paper.
  • You are responsible for paying for all copies made
    • This includes copies that are not usable.


Printing Digital Originals located on your phone, tablet, webmail, USB stick, third party website or laptop computer.  We will supply a  connection to the printer; wifi, wired ethernet, or USB access.  You are responsible for;

  • connecting your device to our printer through the connection method of your choice.   
  • locating and installing the necessary printer drives to print your document.
    • The printer supports Apple devices.
    • Our public use windows 10 computer is connected to the printer
We will provide optional paper stocks and limited technical assistance
  • Like on the self service copies the standard paper is 20lb white bond
  • The same alternative paper stock options are available for printing as are for self service copying.
  • We have an instruction sheet to connect to our wifi or by blue tooth to the printer.  you need to ask for it to get the network and password info.
  • You are responsible for paying for all copies made
    • This includes copies that are not usable
    • If a page has any color on it, and is printed in color, it is charged as a color page.


Our scanner is the scanner on the Self Serve copier printer.  It scans both sides of the page in one pass, or just one side at a time. It scans fast, 40 pages per minute and 300 dpi.  You can also scan off the glass.

  • You will need to have software to drive the scanner.  Most word processing software, and Acrobat Professional can do so.
  • You will need your own, phone, tablet or laptop to scan
  • You are responsible for paying for all scans made

Better Value

Our Self Service Copying, Self Service Printing and Self Service Scanning offers a better value for your time and money.

  • We charge less per page than our chain store competition
    •  We shop Fedex Office and Staples to check regularly
  • Our equipment is as good or better than our competition
  • We can support you if you need assistance.
  • We trust your honest count of what your do on our equipment.