Free Delivery Area

We will deliver most work in the following areas without additional delivery charge.** Most deliveries will be made the day after the work is completed in our shop using our company delivery vehicle.

Zip Code
Brookline02445, 02446
Chestnut Hill02467
Waltham02451, 02452, 02453
Newton02458, 02459, 02460, 02461, 02465, 02466, 02468
Back Bay*02215, 02115, 02116, 02120
Arlington02474, 02476
Cambridge*02140, 02139, 02138
Jamaica Plain02130

** Work delivered to us from outside suppliers normally will involve a delivery charge which will be added to your bill.

    Need A Fast Price Quote

    We are happy to quote over by phone and by email.

    The Basic Information for a Quote;
    Generally what is on this list. And Having your artwork or a draft of your artwork is helpful too.
    • Quantity
    • Kind of project
    • Your Name for the Project
    • Number of originals \ Lots \ Pages by page count
    • 1 or 2 sided
    • Kind of paper
    • Finished size
    • Printing process: Black ink, Spot Color or Full Color
    • Wide Format, [ Laminated, Mounted, Rolled]
    • Raised Print
    • If the printing goes to the edge of the paper (Bleed-off)
    • Kind of Artwork
    • Computer file
    • Software used
    • Hard copy original
    • Needs to be setup
    • Any Bindery [cutting, folding, collating, stapling, book binding, perforating, scoring, die cutting, laminating, mounting]
    There is a catch.  We will create a written specification based on the information you provide.  If your job arrives with different details, or if there are issues with the artwork you provide we reserve the option of  creating a new estimate.  We will do our best to honor our quote, but how we plan on printing your project is customized to the details you provide, and changing details can often change how we need to print your work.

    Pre-Press Equipment

    Computer Work Stations

    • Apple Mac
    • PC Workstation

    Other Equipment

    • FIOS Internet
    • Gigabit Network
    • Synology Raid 5 Network Attached Storage
    • 2 – HP5000 LaserJet Plate Makers
    • HP 8290 Scanjet Scanner
    • HP Pagewide 577dw Network Scanner
    • Xerox 252 11×17 Network Scanner
    • NuArc 26-1k Plate Maker
    • Light Table
    • Pantone Color Guides

    Office Productivity Software

    Microsoft Office, Office 365, and most other Office Productivity Suites

    are everywhere. These types of software suites are also, unless you are very careful and very very knowledgeable, a terrible way to create files for printing.  The biggest problem is native files do not stay formatted when you move a document from computer to computer. Things frequently change or move around inside the document when we open your file on our computers and we have no way to know that something moved from looking at the file.  Other issues are when you set up the art, the software does not handle margins or gutters correctly.  Placed graphics fail or are incorrectly handled. You use a font which we do not have.

    There is one exception: Powerpoint Slides
    We are normally able to use Powerpoint documents for in-house digital printing or poster printing.

    There is a work around.  Save your work as a PDF from the software you are using.  Consult Google on how the save your work as a PDF if you do not know how or call us.  We will help you.

    Major Graphics Software Supported

    Adobe Creative Cloud Software is a professional  graphics arts software suite that we use to setup work for printing.  We always have the most up to date version of the the Adobe Software titles, fonts and support from Adobe. Below are the primary software titles from this suite we use to create, and modify customer work work.


    InDesign cc

    Photoshop cc

    Illustrator cc

    Acrobat Pro

    Adobe Indesign
    is the page and text layout software we use for most of the work we do for clients.  It provides a way to accurately set margins, text blocks, columns, position graphics, and fonts. We use it for most Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes and marketing material orders. We use this tool in conjunction with Photoshop and Illustrator. This software is part of the creative cloud suite.  We normally then print from a PDF made in Indesign, because our printers like PDF documents.

    Adobe Photoshop
    is the premier picture and bitmap graphic manipulation software. We use photoshop to inspect the quality of pictures and bitmap graphics. This software is part of the creative cloud suite
    Adobe Illustrator
    is a vector based illustration tool. We like Vector based graphics because they are scalable bigger or smaller without quality loss. Illustrator can open Acrobat files in certian cases so they can be updated. This software is part of the creative cloud suite

    Adobe Acrobat Professional
    Software is the full version of the Acrobat Product. We use it to inspect supplied PDF files. We also have an Add-in product, Pitstop Pro that we use to evaluate and fix problems with PDF files.  PDF files are the preferred software format that you should supply your artwork to us. We like PDF files better than native files from most other software packages you may have access to because they are stable from computer to computer.  This software is part of the creative cloud suite

    Specialized Graphics Software

    CorelDraw Graphics suite
    is similar to Adobe Creative Suite. It does a few things better the the Adobe products. We have been using CorelDraw since Version 1. Originally purchased it because it came with a very complete collection of Fonts and Clip Art. It still has these fonts and clipart images. It does an excellent job of converting Bitmap images to Vector graphics. It contains an extensive library of import and export conversion tools allowing us to access a wide range of file types. this feature allows us to edit document in CorelDraw even though the file was created in other software.

    Enfocus Pitstop Pro
    is a PDF inspection software add-in to Adobe Acrobat DC. We use to validate the quality of supplied PDF files. This tool is capable of inspecting the elements inside a PDF file and to fix common problems detected. This enhancement allows us to provide you better printing by evaluating your files to find problems before they go to press, rather than afterwards. We have been using this tool since for a while.  It allows us to work on PDF files, and to fix elements within a document that were incorrectly created.
    • add bleeds
    • fix color definitions in vectors and fonts
    • change colors
    • fix page sizes
    • add crop marks
    • a number of other useful things for a printer

    Open Source Software

    We support and recommend open source software if you are on a Budget. These software suggestions offer “free” software that will create professional quality files. They are MAC, PC, and Linux compatible. They often support multiple Languages. The software is not owned by a company, but by a project.  The project is run by a group of volunteers, and interested professionals.  The software is licensed normally on one of several GPL licenses.  We offer these suggestions, but can not be responsible if you have issues with installing the software or supporting the software. Refer to the Project home page to get support.

    Spreadsheet, Wordprocessing, Office Automation

    LibreOffice Open Source Project is a Community based software project that provides a very good set of programs that are similar to MicroSoft Office, or Corel Wordperfect. It includes writer, spreadsheet, and several other tools similar to Office. This is “free” software, in that you can download it and use. Libre Office creates very usable PDF files. which we can work with. This software was created from Open Office which was its forerunner. The logo links to the project.

    Scribus Open Source Project

    provides users with a Page Layout program that is similar to PageMaker and early Indesign. The software is free to use, try and use. The logo links to the project

    GIMP Open Source Project

    provides users with a program that is similar to Photoshop. This Project is hosted by MIT, and the software is complex and does a very good job. The software is free to use, try and use. The logo links to the project

    Free Fonts

    If you need additional fonts for your printing project. We recommend two sources of quality fonts to look at.  These fonts are generally royalty free have all the characters normally needed to setup up a project.

    Google Fonts

    Beautiful, readable, accessible and open. 682 font families are available

    Google Fonts makes it quick and easy for everyone to use fonts, including professional designers and developers. Google believe that everyone should be able to bring quality typography to their projects

    All of the fonts are Open Source. This means that you are free to share your favorites with friends and colleagues. You can even customize them for your own use, or collaborate with the original designer to improve them. And you can use them in every way you want, privately or commercially — in print, on your computer, or in your websites.

    Click on the logo to get to the Google fonts home page — The Google Fonts TeamG

    is a website that has a wide range of avant guard, far out, decorative, fonts. It does a good job of providing hints as to the style of a group of fonts on the home page. When you are looking for something different, this is a good source of experimental fonts.

    The fonts presented on the website are their authors’ property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. The license mentioned above the download button is just an indication. Please look at the readme-files in the archives or check the indicated author’s website for details, and contact him if in doubt. If no author/license is indicated that’s because we don’t have information, that doesn’t mean it’s free.

    Black and White Digital Printer / Copier

    • prints up 11×17
    • 95 pages per minute
    • In line 3 hole punch & stapler
    • Postscript Network Printer
    • made by Canon

    Color Digital Printer / Copier

    • 50 pages per minute color
    • Prints up to 13×19
    • In line 3 hole punch & stapler
    • Booklet Maker
    • EFI Postscript front end for Network Printing
    • made by Xerox

    60 inch Wide-format printer

    • Aqueous UV inks system
    • HP postscript
    • 6 color ink system
    • Made By HP

    Offset Press

    • Prints up to 12×18
    • 2 color press
    • prints Envelopes
    • Made by AB Dick

    InkJet Printer

    • Prints up to 9×12
    • Print in CMYK
    • No moving print head, pagewide printer
    • Great for Printing envelopes and addressing postcards
    • Postscript Printing
    • Made By HP

    Binding Equipment

    Book Punching Equipment

    • GBC punch Die Machine
    • GBC Comb Spreader
    • Rhino Punch Spiral Die Set
    • Rhino Punch Wire O Die Set
    • Wire O comb closer
    • Velo-Bind Heat melt Binding system

    Pouch Laminator

    • Laminate up 12 inches Wide
    • Up to 10mil thick

    Cold Roll Laminator

    • 43 inches wide
    • Cold Roll laminate
    • Cold mount on to Foam Board, Wood, Plastic


    • 14×20 Folder Baumfolder
    • 2 Fold Plates

    Guillotine Paper Cutter

    Stitcher Folder

    • Saddle Staples Booklet
    • Folds Booklets
    • Flat Stitches using spooled wire


    • Single Head Stitcher
    • Saddle Staples, Corner Stitches, Side Stitches
    • Flat Stitches using spooled wire

    Paper Drill

    • 5 different hole diameters available:  3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16
    • Floor model single spindle drill

    Padding Presses

    • Pads from 2.75 inches wide to 17 inches wide

    Shrink Wrap Machine

    Privacy Policy We take your right to privacy seriously and want you to feel comfortable using our web site. This Privacy Policy deals with personally identifiable information (referred to as “Data” below) that may be collected by us on our site. Our complete Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy
    We take your right to privacy seriously and want you to feel comfortable using our web site. This Privacy Policy deals with personally identifiable information (referred to as “Data” below) that may be collected by us on our site.

    Our complete Privacy Policy


    Brookline Print Center makes an effort to enforce copyrights.
    We will inform you when we think there is a copy-write and/or license use issue. We expect that you will honor our requirement if asked to show that you have permission from the author with respect copy write licenses of components of the files you created. We may require an indemnification stating you take the responsibility for your project should a question about permissions arise and that you will defend and hold harmless Brookline Print Center from any action that a rights holder takes if your work violates a copyright.

    When in doubt, it is wise to use open source fonts or and royalty free images from a source you know allows your use of the art.