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Upload Artwork

Modern printing technology for an old fashion printed result.  How to send art.

This Page Explains your options for uploading artwork to our company!

We have three ways to receive your artwork

  1. You can upload files us for files 15MB or smaller by email.
  2. If you have large files we take FTP through our FTP portal.  The FTP service we offer will take files upto 1 TB. (1000MB) Basic Registration is required.
  3. We offer a specialize print driver that will allow you to print your file to our server which creates a print ready PDF of your document, you then get an emailed proof from this server of the PDF, and once approved by you we will be notified that your artwork has arrived. This method requires registration, and your downloading and installing a print driver on to your computer.

You can always call us at 617-926-0300 x1 for assistance.

Upload Files by Email

You Can Upload Files With Your Email Service.

Our preferred method to receive art
is by email and a PDF file.

This method works well with Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL mail, and other hosted mail providers

  • Most email sending services support 15MB email attachments.
    • Normally this is large enough for a file to send your art to Brookline Print Center.
    • When you send an email to us please let us know who you are, and what you want us to do with your email.
      • Include your name
      • Your phone number, even if you think we have it.
      • Your deadline for getting your project
      • If you have a question please call us at  617-926-0300 x1

For your infomation, most major commercial and many other software packages support saving files as PDF documents; Acrobat Files.  If you need to check how to do this, we recommend that you use your favorite search engine, like Google to ask how. “How do I create a PDF from Microsoft Word 365 ?” or what ever the software you are using. Saving as a PDF is built into Apple Computers in the operating system.

If there are options in the PDF creation process, always choose, the best quality, or PDF for Press

FTP Large Files

If you have large files we offer a FTP Upload Service

Our FTP is for files bigger than 10-15 MB

To FTP a file to us using our proprietary FTP service requires registration.

  • Click on the Button below.
    • On the left hand side of the screen, there is a button, ” Send File”.  Select
    • There are three sections to this page
      • The First Section is the registration:
        • First and Last Name
        • Organization
        • Phone
        • Email
          • All are required
      • The second section is space to explain your project
      • The Third section is the Add Files button
      • Then “Send” to complete the FTP sending
      • If you have a question about this tool please call.  617-926-0300 x1

A Second simple option to send large files is to use a Box, Google Drive or Dropbox link.  Send a link in an email works very well.  We sometimes will send proofs using this method.

File Sending tool

For software that does not make PDF files natively or well

Your internet connected computer can use its print command to send a file using our special print driver creating a Print Ready PDF on our server.

The print driver will send your file via the print command to our remote server, creating a Print Ready PDF.  The server in turn sends back an a proof to review for you to review. Once  approved by you, we will get the file.

  • This tool requires that you install a printer driver on your computer.
    • Read the center section of the screen.  Locate Step one.
      • Download Printer Driver
      • From your Download options locate the one step install tool just downloaded
      • Click to install.
      • You now should have a printer available called Brookline Line Print Center.  It will be one of the installed printers on your computer.
    • To use the printer, you will need select this printer from your software’s printer choice option when you print, and follow the prompts to print to our server.
    • If you have a question about this tool please call.  617-926-0300 x1
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