Fax Sending and Receiving Pricing and Information

Fax Service Pricing

North AmericaFirst Page and
Cover Sheet
Add’l Pages$1.00per page
Every Where ElseFirst Page and
Cover Sheet
Add’l Pages$2.25 per page
From AnywhereEach page$1.00 per page

About our Fax Service

Our Fax Service is Better Reliable Digital Cheaper

Digital Fax

Our cloud based fax service provides you with superior delivery reliability for faxes sent and received.  The cloud based infrastructure for faxes is engineered and kept up to date to deliver excellent results.

  • We scan your documents to an image PDF file.
  • This file is then uploaded to our fax gateway with the receiving fax number.
  • Your fax is sent, and we get an email that it has gone through.
  • We provide you with this receipt if you wait for it

Reliable Fax

Using a cloud based fax service we avoid major issues with incompatibilities between the modern digital phone systems and the Fax sending. 

The  Fax machine was designed for the analog phone system era.  Today, most phone service is converted to digital signal and is sent in the same wire or cable as your internet and cable TV connection.  Many fax machines do not handle the handshake or syncing needed to link up in this kind situation well. 

When a the signal leaves a fax machine it is an analog signal.  The phone system will convert the analog signal to a digital signal on the public phone network.  Then converted back to an analog signal signal when it arrives at the destination fax.  This may happen more than once on the public phone system network depending on the path the phone connection takes.  These connection transitions can introduce  timing issues with the linkup between fax machines.  The analog to digital to analog conversions can introduce errant data into a fax transmission causing link confusion.  Sync between sending and receiving fax machines can time out causing a Fax sending to fail. 

Using a cloud based infrastructure increases the reliability of fax sending.  We use a cloud fax network of phone lines and equipment to minimize timing out issues. The system is engineered avoid problems and to deliver your fax successfully.

Better Value

Our Fax Service offers a better value

  • We charge less per page than our chain store competition for full service sending and recieving
  • Our fax sending and receiving is as good or better than our competition
  • We send your fax immediately