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Payment is expected at order for on-line purchases and on delivery for most everyone else.


The nature of the printing business has changed greatly in the past 4-5 years with the effect of Amazon and on line purchasing of everything.  These providers emphasize price, but with the knowledge that they get paid before delivering the goods.  Not worrying about getting paid is a good business model that we have had to adopt to allow us to offer lower prices for many of our printed offerings.


We accept Cash, Debt Cards, Checks, Major Credit Cards, Paypal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.




Customers may be offered credit under two conditions.  The customer represents an institution in the Boston area and is considered credit worthy. The institution's purchasing department needs to issues a Purchase Order. Secondly, other customers who over the course of 6 months place 8-10 orders and pay for work in excess of 2000 dollars


If Brookline Print Center offers credit, at will be after a credit check is conducted and a determination is made.


Brookline Print Center has sole discretion to grant credit if it chooses to do so.

In Person Payments


Still the most popular with us

Traditional Card Reader

New Chip Card Reader

On-Line Payments

We use Paypal for online payments.







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